The Coral & Co. and Friends Showcase: A winter sultry wonderland

A Night of Elegance, Creativity, and Collaboration

At Coral & Co., we thrive on nurturing relationships, igniting creativity, and showcasing the exceptional talent within our industry. Each year, we curate a supplier photoshoot and host a showcase event to bring our creative vision to life. This year, we transformed Fluffy Studio into a sultry winter wonderland, embracing deep plum, shiraz burgundy tones, and delicate dusty rose accents. Here’s an exclusive peek into our Coral & Co. and Friends Showcase, where elegance met inspiration.

We wanted this showcase to be an immersive experience, so instead of just doing a styled shoot and posting it on socials for all to see, we invited guests and friends in the events industry, along with creatives, to experience it firsthand. We wanted them to personally feel the finishes, soak in the emotion, revel in our creations, and make some new connections and friends too. It was our first showcase and networking event, and we were so proud to host it.

From Pinterest Dreams to Reality

Our inspo? Well, it’s safe to say Pinterest played a major role, alongside the latest fashion trends and some serious interior design eye-candy. We wanted an atmosphere that was both intimate and elegant, where every detail spoke volumes about our love for event styling and personal touches. And boy, did we nail it! The showcase was an enchanting fusion of creativity and style that had everyone buzzing.

Fluffy Studio: A Chic Haven

Our venue, the fab Fluffy Studio owned by the amazing Abbie, was the perfect backdrop. Known for her expertise in brows and lashes, Abbie’s space is sleek, modern, and just screams sophistication. Whether you’re after a glam beauty fix or a spot for your next shoot, Fluffy Studio sets the scene like no other. Clean lines, minimalist decor, and an ambiance that’s both chic and inviting – it was love at first sight for us and our guests.

Evolve: Floral Artistry Elevated

Shae from Evolve blew us away with her sculptural floral designs. Think cauliflower mixed with blackberries and calla lilies – talk about a botanical dream! Her arrangements were the stars of the night, adding a modern twist to classic blooms. Every petal and stem was meticulously placed, creating a lush, focal display that perfectly captured our sultry winter wonderland theme.

Elle Creative Studio: Bespoke Stationery Magic

Janelle from Elle Creative Studio brought elegance to life with her bespoke stationery. Her gorgeous handwriting graced our invites and signage, adding a touch of class to every corner. Plus, those mirror decals in burgundy? Total selfie goals! Janelle’s knack for personalisation made our showcase shine. Her intricate designs and attention to detail added an extra layer of sophistication, making our guests feel truly special.

Soiree Society: Personalised Perfection

Chiara from Soiree Society jazzed up the evening with custom napkins that screamed style. From aprons to caps, she’s the queen of adding a personal touch that takes any event to the next level. Chiara’s attention to detail? Iconic. Each personalised napkin was a little piece of art, showcasing her creativity and commitment to making every event unique.

Nicole Squelch: Capturing the Magic

Our photographer, Nicole Squelch, captured the essence of the evening with her editorial-style photography. Her shots were not just pics – they were stories waiting to be told. From candid moments to glam shots, Nicole’s lens turned our showcase into a visual feast. Her chill vibe kept everyone relaxed, resulting in pics that are Insta-worthy AF. Each photo was a testament to her talent, reflecting the beauty and magic of the night.

Bespoke Content Creations: Memorable Moments

Sameika from Bespoke Content Creations turned our event into a visual masterpiece with her filming prowess. Her high-fashion, candid style brought out the best of every moment, capturing laughter, elegance, and everything in between. The final video wasn’t just a recap – it was a work of art that made the night feel like a scene from a glamorous movie. Sameika’s touch added an unforgettable dimension to our showcase, making it a night to remember.

Bakes By Her: Sweet Creations

Helena from Bakes By Her whipped up cakes that were almost too pretty to eat. From vintage designs to intricate details, each cake was a work of art. And the taste? Let’s just say our sweet tooth was very, very happy. Helena’s baking skills? Legendary. Each bite was a delightful blend of flavour and texture, leaving our guests craving more.

Fine Grazing: Culinary Artistry

Helen from Fine Grazing crafted a food station that were as delicious as it was stunning. Trained in France, she’s all about blending pastry finesse with gourmet cheese selections. Those cheese macarons and ricotta strawberry tarts? We’re still dreaming about them. Every dish was a culinary masterpiece, showcasing her expertise and passion for fine food.

On Trend Event Hire: Stylish Decor

Cass from On Trend Event Hire curated the props and decor – think bows, candelabras, vintage trays, cake stands, mirror risers, plinths and the rest! Her eye for detail and trendy pieces turned our showcase into an aesthetic wonderland. Cass’s touch? Spot on. Her unique decor items added layers of depth and elegance to our setup, making it an event to remember.

Happy Hour Cocktails Co.: Sip in Style

Barbara, James, and Sudip from Happy Hour Cocktails Co. served up premium cocktails that were the life of the party. Their Cosmopolitan? Dangerously good. Their motto of “Less work, more play” had everyone raising their glasses. With their vibe so welcoming, each drink was a perfect blend of flavour and fun, making our cocktail hour a highlight of the night.

Oaklab Design: Artisan Elegance

Elliot from Oaklab Design brought artisanal elegance with his stainless steel vases. Each piece added a touch of sophistication to our decor, showing that small details make a big impact. His creations were not just decorative items, but statements of style and elegance.

Luna Events: Draping Dreams

Luna Events wowed everyone with their luxurious draping, creating the ultimate photo moment and backdrop for all the cute pics. Their attention to detail and ability to add drama and elegance to any space transformed our venue into a dreamy winter wonderland. The draping setup was the most Instagrammable spot of the night, perfectly capturing the essence of our theme.

An Evening to Remember

Our Coral & Co. and Friends Showcase wasn’t just an event – it was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and pure style. Huge thanks to all our amazing suppliers who made our vision a reality and to everyone who joined us for this unforgettable night. It was an evening of inspiration, networking, and endless possibilities.

Why Choose Coral & Co.?

At Coral & Co., we’re not just about throwing parties; we’re about creating experiences that leave you speechless. Our secret sauce? A killer team of creatives, a passion for pushing boundaries, and a network of suppliers who bring our visions to life in ways that will blow your mind. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate bash, or just a killer party, Coral & Co. brings the fun, the style, and the vibes you need.

Join Us Next Time

Missed the showcase? No worries – there’s more where that came from! Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events and collabs. Whether you’re a fellow event junkie, a fashionista, or a creative looking to connect, hit us up! Let’s dream big and create something epic together.

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Images by Nicole Squelch