Vibrant hues and inspiration drawn from the famous Palm Springs – yellow, pink, turquoise, green and papaya orange. It was a modern rainbow, perfect to bring a summer feel to the store.

For the Kmart season launch, we were looped in to assist with styling to add our signature flare – high quality florals, unique, personalised details and a seamless integration of all styling components. We took care of the stage set-up, sourcing furniture and decor, florals, front store displays and media walls and ensuring there would be plenty of spaces for photo ops. 

Following the initial consultation, our final mood board for our suppliers was rich with vibrant hues and inspiration drawn from the famous Palm Springs – yellow, pink, turquoise, green and papaya orange. It was a modern rainbow, perfect to bring a summer feel to the store.

We were able to utilise many of the elements and products already found in store (because let’s be real, we all know just how good the homewares department is in Kmart) and we knew exactly who we needed to call to add the brightest bursts of colour and insta-worthy florals that would flow perfectly with pre-existing displays.

Stylist mood board showcasing Palm Springs vibes with bright rainbow palette; grass green, turquoise blue, pink, orange and sunshine yellow.
Kmart front of the store with bright rainbow sign and tropical fruits and florals against their new summer season range and mannequins.

Flower power. 

When it comes to the styling non-negotiables, we firmly believe it is near impossible for anyone to ignore the magic of stand-out floral arrangements. Flowers – when done well – add the luxury, elegance and softness needed to make a setting feel complete. 

We scattered brightly coloured floral arrangements throughout the store, from the windows, the entrance, the shelves displaying products and into the change rooms. There wasn’t an area you could turn to where you weren’t struck by the beauty of the expertly arranged flowers, some small and subtle, others packing a bold punch. 

Switching between pastel and hot pinks, tonal greens and even incorporating summer fruits and veggies – we even added some vibrance to the mannequins by placing arrangements at the base of each displayed outfit. 

Window display at Kmart showcasing their new summer season range. Green florals sit between dressed mannequins.
Melbourne Kmart window display with green and blue florals sitting in front of the mannequins.
Bright Kmart sign, with large white K, surrounded by colours of the rainbow. Two welcome sign sit to the right of the large sign, with bright florals either side of the signs. Designed by Coral & Co., in Melbourne.

Now, we try not to play styling favourites – but the media wall turned floral forest positioned between the store shelves was a concept we dreamed up and could not stop obsessing over. The mix of pastel orchids and bright gerberas that crept up the media signage was better than we imagined. It wasn’t just a favourite for us – it popped up on many Insta stories throughout the event, and we couldn’t blame them!

Signage plays an integral role in any event we style – it sets the tone through language and style, and sets the tone for the guests. From welcome signage to product displays and directions, we wanted to incorporate decals that popped, plus the dreamy photo wall and changing room hooks that added a touch of brightness and fun.

The gorgeous stage was the centre of the event, with a list of invited guests given a showing of Kmarts newest collection. The decals were placed, the flowers were blooming, the mannequins were dressed, and finally the guests began to arrive. The smiles on everyone’s faces was a testament to the brand and our styling working together – it’s impossible to be sad when you are in a space that oozes summer. There was even a GIF photo booth to capture the sunny and happy moments throughout the launch. 

In the age of social media, no event is complete without a cohort of well-dressed creatives and influencers in attendance. The Kmart event had many beautiful and stylish women in attendance, including Victoria Latu, Sarita Holand and Rebecca Nicolaidis.

Working with larger brands and corporate events allows us to have more freedom in our styling. We are always overjoyed and honoured to have trust from a company – it is something that we love and pride ourselves on. Our creative brains start ticking as we put together our ideas, and it’s not long before our mood board is approved and the fun really begins. 

The summer launch at Kmart was one of our favourite events and collaborative efforts to date – we endeavour to continue to work with fabulous brands and corporate companies of all sizes to add the extra edge to your next event – no matter how big or small. We never skip on quality and take immense pride in providing a seamless experience – from near or far.

We can be actively involved on the day of set-up, or leave it to you and source the winning suppliers who will get the job done. Get in touch today to organise a consultation for your next event, and see what we can do for you.

Love Coral & Co. x

Blog images by Neiyo Sun

Blog written by Kelly Mills