From Pinterest to real life

You’re about to dive into into the enchanting world of Alise and Billy’s garden cocktail wedding.  Meet Alise & Billy, the power couple who found their way to the heart of Coral & Co. Events, all because of a cheeky click on Pinterest. Who said pinning couldn’t lead to some real-life magic? Sit back, relax, and allow us to take you through their unique journey of turning dreams into reality.

A Pinterest Discovery that Sparked Magic

Alise and Billy’s love story with Coral & Co. Events began in the magical realm of Pinterest. Amidst scrolling through their feed, they stumbled upon our captivating event imagery. The stars aligned as they clicked through to discover that we’re based right here in Melbourne. Without a moment’s hesitation, they reached out to us, setting the stage for a wedding planning journey like no other.


From Worries to Wonders

 Enter Coral’s initial consultation – the moment where worries were heard, and dreams started to crystallize. With busy lives and limited time, our dynamic couple yearned for a stress-free wedding planning experience. Alise & Billy’s worries found a home, their visions began to morph into reality, and before you know it, they were knee-deep in the epic journey of wedding planning.

St Agnes Homestead on a sunny day, a Victorian home and event space, sitting within manicured gardens. Two leafy trees sit either side of the property with a small pond with lily-pads sitting in the forefront. The location for a wedding styled by Coral & Co., a Melbourne event company.
The isle of a wedding at St Agnes Homestead on a bright day. A wedding arch, with bright flowers on both sides sits between two grand trees at the end of the isle. White chairs, sitting on green grass line the isle, facing towards the colourful floral arch.
Grape vines sit to the right of a a grassy area, where tables have been set up, using old wine barrels, white stools and white scalloped umbrellas. In the background St Agnes Homestead looks over the area. This was the setting of the cocktail hour for a wedding curated by Coral & Co.
Lush green and yellow lily-pads float in a pond, next to green grass with an old white rowing boat sitting near the bank of the pond. Tall trees surround the setting, which provided a unique backdrop for Alise and Billy's wedding, styled by a Melbourne event company.

A Venue with Heart

Let’s talk about the setting, shall we? St Agnes in Kyneton, Melbourne, owned by Billy’s great aunt and uncle, became the canvas for Alise and Billy’s love story. With its sprawling beauty, complete with a vineyard that they tended each year, it was a sentimental choice. This homestead held stories and memories, making their wedding a family affair in the truest sense.

Ceremony Magic

Let’s fast forward to the big day: a breathtaking floral arch standing tall beneath the shelter of trees, ready to cradle their vows. As cocktail hour graced the scene, the lawn transformed into a lively playground, with guests engaged in friendly competition, while indulging in signature cocktails – an refreshing Aperol Spritz and a zesty Margarita. It’s clear that Alise & Billy had mastered the art of crafting unforgettable moments. 

Sitting on grass, a cream, rectangle shape welcome sign with a wavey border, reading "Welcome to the wedding of Alise & Billy", designed by a Melbourne event stylist. A colourful floral setting of pinks, oranges, white and green sits against the left side of the sign. In the background is a game area with old wine barrels, stools and scalloped umbrellas for sitting.

Scalloped Marquee Soiree

Now, the pièce de résistance – the reception. Held under a chic scalloped marquee, this was where the magic went down. A wood-fire pizza truck serving up unlimited slices of heaven. Alise and Billy’s love for good food and great company came to life through their culinary choices. They ensured that no guest went hungry.

Personal Touches: Weaving Love Into Details

Personal touches were woven into every aspect of their wedding. The wedding cake, baked with love by family, was a testament to their bonds. Their parents repurposed pew bows added a touch of nostalgia, allowing their story to shine in every corner.

A Non-Traditional Affair

Alise & Billy were unapologetically themselves, opting to toss aside traditions that didn’t resonate. Their wedding dance? It transformed into a collective celebration, inviting everyone to join their joy. The seating plan? Nowhere to be found. This was a celebration of love and togetherness, where stiff formality took a backseat to heartfelt connection.


Budgeting Bliss

Ah, the budget – the word that can bring on both excitement and anxiety. But Alise & Billy? They had a secret weapon: Coral & Co. Events. Our arsenal includes comprehensive budget management.

We get it – weddings are about dreams, not dollars. That’s where Coral & Co. Events steps in. It’s not about crafting a budget-friendly event; it’s about maximizing every dollar for maximum impact. We put every dime under the microscope, ensuring that your wedding vision aligns perfectly with your financial reality. It’s budgeting that’s about more than just numbers; it’s about infusing value into every detail.

For Alise & Billy, and all our clients, we simply broke down every cost, laid out the spending plan, and gave them the reins. No stress, just smart choices.

Craft Your Own Love Story

 Alise and Billy’s Melbourne garden cocktail wedding is not just a tale of love; it’s a testament to the power of dreams and the magic that can unfold when experts step in. If you’re a busy, time-poor couple seeking an event planner who understands your vision and transforms it into reality, look no further than Coral & Co. Events. At Coral & Co. Events, we’re not just event planners – we’re memory weavers, dream architects, and storytellers. Let us be the architects of your dream day, while you focus on soaking in every second of your love story.

Get in touch today to find out more.

Love Coral & Co. x

Blog images by Hayden O’Neill

Blog written by Coral & Co.