Unique hand drawn stationery, feminine florals and a picture-perfect birthday cake, tied together in a luxe peach colour palette

The team here at Coral & Co. firmly believe that every birthday is worth celebrating in style, but there is something about 25 – that quarter of a century milestone – that feels really special, and being halfway through your 20’s calls for something chic and a little more intimate to celebrate.

Enter the humble – yet totally Insta-worthy – dinner party soiree.

Known for our signature sassy styling, our client Julie reached out to us, asking to curate the perfect details and styling for her 25th birthday dinner, where she was hosting 6 of her closest girlfriends at home for an Italian feast in Victoria’s Inverloch.


Forever putting our clients’ needs at the forefront of any event styling session, we asked Julie what vision she had for this dinner.

Loving her vibe early on, Julie told us she wanted a neutral colour palette, and for the dinner to feel personal, chic and unique. We love!

We suggested a couple of pops of colour options in peach or pink to add a little dimension, and landed on an updated peach colour palette and luxe concept that we couldn’t wait to bring to life.

Knowing from the start that Julie would be celebrating in Inverloch, we needed to ensure all the styling bits and pieces were both easy to travel with, and even easier to set up on her own. We love giving our clients the option to go as big as they want with styling, even for a smaller gathering.

A table setting styled by Coral & Co., with scalloped white menu, with red writing sitting on a plate with cutlery, on a light pink rectangle place setting with the name "Julie" in red.  Wine glasses and water glasses with drink tags above the place setting and colourful  florals in a peach palette sit in the middle of the table.
A personalised place setting for Laura, with a scalloped white menu with red writing. In the background are florals provided by Coral & Co., partners, sitting in the middle of the table.
A personalised place setting for Emmy, with plate, menu and glasses. Four different sized white candles, in clear glass holders burn above the place setting. A full and vibrant floral accompanies the setting in the middle of the table. A Melbourne event by Coral & Co.
Two personalised table settings, with full, peach coloured florals, sitting next to a brightly burning tall candle and three smaller ones. Two more table settings are opposite, hidden by the large florals, and a white brick wall sits behind the table.


Drawing from ‘unique and chic’, we knew it would be a perfect opportunity to incorporate hand drawn stationery. The incredible team at Elle Creative are our go-to for refined stationary design, and all the elements designed by the team brought everything together on the night.

A clear favourite feature amongst ourselves and the dinner guests were the ‘Loop de Loop’ wave drink tags. Prepare to see these beauties recreated time and time again!

Elle creative took care of the placemats, drinks tags and menus in contrasting light peach and nudes, using mixed materials of paper and acrylics to add texture and luxury.

Being sure not to miss a nod to the Italian feast, the menu featured ‘Maniago Bella’, meaning ‘let’s eat beautiful’. Bellissima.

A ladies hand with bright pink nail varnish holds a personalised peachy pink drinks tag, with a wiggly outline and red wiggly border. In the middle of the tag reads "Julies Sassy Soiree". Designed and curated by Melbourne event stylist Coral & Co.


Now, if you’ve been following us for a while, you would know by now that no event of ours is complete without some beautiful feature florals.

Florals are the details that take your event up a notch and add a touch of elegance to any setting. Urban Antidotes took care of Julie’s dinner florals, and boy did they nail it.

Deciding we needed only one central arrangement, the peach and nude arrangement that took centre stage proved that sometimes less really is more!

Can we have arrangements like this at home every week, please?


We all know that no birthday celebration is complete without a cake, whatever your age.

Cake Me Crazy created a decadent white chocolate mud cake for Julie, complete with beige icing and creamy peach and nude tones. It was the perfect ‘cherry on top’ for the dinner, and let’s not even get started on the delicious flavour –one slice was not enough. 

Love what you see? Get in touch with the team at Coral & Co. today to get started on planning your very own sassy soiree – that you can even set up yourself if needed.We love birthday dinners, hens parties, kids birthday parties, corporate events and everything in between, and we can’t wait to meet you and bring your dreams to life!

Love Coral & Co. x

Blog images by Our Client

Blog written by Kelly Mills